How to Lose Weight in Less Than Six Months

Getting back in shape is not only good for our aesthetics but also our health. The pot belly is not something to laugh at. It is a sign of a careless and irresponsible lifestyle that can lead to early death.

According to a study by Edward Yu from Harvard Boston, overweight exposes a person to various health risks, such as diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, and stroke. Also, an overweight person may suffer from breathing difficulty, a condition that may seem trivial but harmful over a long period.

Nevertheless, when we want to lose weight, we want it fast. If you are already on a weight loss program, but you have not seen any results in the past six months, the mistakes are either on your side or the plan. Besides, restricting only your foods will not get you the ideal body you have dreamt of. The weight loss program must include the right ways to exercise too.

Knowing Your Body Type

a well built bodyBased on our metabolism, there are three body types: ectomorph, endomorph, and mesomorph. Ectomorph people experience difficulties when they want to bulk a muscular build. Their metabolism is the fastest among the other twos, making an ectomorph person is more likely to be lean and tall. Endomorph people gain weight easily. Their genes make them store fat quicker than the others. Mesomorph is the ideal bodybuilder. Their metabolism allows them to grow muscles without storing too much fat.

In losing weight, the endomorph will suffer the most. They need extra works and discipline to achieve the ideal BMI (Body Mass Index). But recently, science has found out that sugar and carbs are the two main suspects that cause overweight and obesity. And thus, no matter what your body type is, your dietary plan should restrict sugar and carb intake.

The Diet Plan

As overweight and obesity are not possible for the ectomorph people, we will focus on the right dietary plan for endomorph and mesomorph people. Mesomorphs can gain excessive weight if they live a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Endomorphs, on the other hand, can gain weight by simply skipping a few months of exercise.

For mesomorph people, the right dietary plan would be a combination of high protein, fat, and enough carbs. Although sugar and carbs are the primary causes of overweight and obesity, eliminating them entirely from our diet can be harmful. Our liver needs carbs to function. Our muscles require carbs for endurance. Besides, having too much protein can damage our kidneys.

If a person eats 2000 calories per day on average, a mesomorph should get 35% of them from carbs. By the same calculation, having 175g or carbohydrates is the right amount for a mesomorph. An endomorph should consume less than that number, that is by 25% only. And by the 2000 calories per day estimation, and endomorph should eat no more than 125g of carbs.

Also, the ketogenic diet is the latest advancement we have got from the science-backed diet programs. Its main agenda is to replace carbs with fat as our source of energy. And it is going to force our body to undergo a metabolism process named ketosis. Experts and practitioners of the subject have written their thought on the Internet.

The Exercise

a man exercisingTo lose weight, you have to do more cardio than weight training. And that is the fundamental law. You can choose between running, cycling, and swimming. Do them at least four days in a week.

Also, combine your cardio with bodyweight exercise. It does not use any barbells or dumbbells, but your bodyweight. This exercise is more intense and efficient to lose weight because it forces all muscles in your body to work. Let’s take the plank exercise, for example. It trains the muscles in the stomach, shoulder, back, and legs to cooperate in sync.…